Meet an Mpyan (yes, that’s a thing)

Since January 2018, when Mpya Digital first saw the daylight, we’ve grown a bit.

A lot, actually.

In only three years we’ve become almost 60 engineers! Not that the number itself matters, but rather the people behind it.

So, it is about time to present more of us ‘Mpyans’.

Without further ado, meet

Oscar Pap!

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“I am continuously challenged
to be a better version of myself
and to develop my technical skills.”

Let us introduce you to one of our newest Mpyans, who joined us in January with his mind set on working with challenging assignments and kind people who are genuinely passionate about technology.

In case you’re interested in the “hard facts” (we know you are), Oscar is a fullstack engineer with expertise in technologies such as React, Node, Typescript, .NET & C#. He has worked as a consultant for a while now and has worked with both tech giants as well as startups in different industries from telecom to medtech.

Oscar is not afraid of crossing country borders when exploring the world as an engineer: he also has spent three months in Germany working for a startup!

What are you extra-passionate about within development?

“The problem solving.

For me, the languages, frameworks and architecture are just different tools that you use to solve the problems you face.”

What are you working with at your current assignment?

“Right now I work with two different tasks, one is a tool that will help the sales department to make better decisions on what to present to the customers.

The other part is helping with migrating their services to the cloud.”

What does ‘Work is Joy’ mean to you?

“That I get to do great things with awesome people and that I am continuously challenged to be a better version of myself and to develop my technical skills.”

What’s the best thing with Mpya Digital?

“The genuinity of everyone, that we really care about each other and that everyone has the tools necessary to drive through changes.”

Word. We are thrilled to have you on board Oscar!