Work is Joy!

Because life is too damn short for it not to be. At Mpya Digital we push each other to pursue what we love. We believe that nurturing our passions is what make us, and by extension our clients, successful.

Our Philosophy:

Mpya Digital is an organization made by, and continuously improved by, the people in it. For most of us our passions lie within the area of technology and development. But what makes us Mpya is that we are not only passionate (and we mean really passionate) about writing code, we are also passionate about people. We aspire to be role models who dare to be sensitive, sharing and prestigeless.

This creates the platform for ”Work is joy”.

We are developers who push the boundaries within digitalisation through technology.

The joy of courage

Big ideas, amazing collaboration and success for a team depends on belonging, togetherness and an environment that allows us all to be the person we truly are. Not just when we feel strong and happy, but also when we feel insecure and sensitive. We believe that having the courage to feel vulnerable is the path to joy, empathy, innovation and creativity.

The joy of engagement in others

People are not containers made for storing, we are channels made for sharing. Our culture welcomes and shares generously across all borders. It is our collective knowledge that is the difference, not the excellence of single individuals. We call it Mpya's sharing philosophy. "Who have you shared with today?"

The joy of constant improvement

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self." (Aldous Huxley) We love that quote! Being skilled is more than just being best at what you do. It's about the will to improve. As we see it, the best way to excel in your field, is to be humble and never think you know everything - because when you do, someone else knows more.