What we do - The short version

We consult some of the most cutting-edge technology companies in Stockholm, and around the world, in their development of new products and features. What separates us from the rest? Our consultants are not only great (really great) at writing code, but they are also great (sensitive, sharing, courageous, responsive, curious and business-minded) human beings.

Our Clients - Whom we love more than (insert your favourite thing in the world)

We take pride in working with companies that are game changers and innovators. It doesn’t matter if they are in fin-tech, health-tech, e-commerce, gaming, media, video/music streaming or any other kind of tech related business - If they are pushing technological boundaries, we are there to help.

Partnering with the visionaries and disruptors of the world also allows us to learn ourselves. When you stand of the shoulders of giants work is not work, it’s joy.

The MPYAn – The Social and caring nerd

Some people are confused by the term “developer”, and rightly so. With the speed of which technology is moving a “developer” can be many things. We don’t claim to have a definitive answer to what a developer is - although we are rather sure it relates to coding in some form or shape. We do however know what an MPYAn is.

In order to be an MPYAn you have something more, that little extra which allows people around you to grow through you and your work. MPYAns (plural) are role models not only in the quality of their output, but also in the way that they interact with, help, encourage and inspire others.

This is due to the fact that at MPYA we believe that the way you do anything is the way that you do everything, and excellence and kindness are the most contagious behaviours in the world. 


If this gets you excited, if you want to be/become a role model surrounded by other role models, and if you feel aligned with our philosophy, please get in touch.

We are excited to speak to you!